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Police K-9 Training Center

Der Wächter
Police K-9 Training Center

Police K-9 Training Center

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Police K-9 Training Center


Fort Owen Ranch – Stevensville Montana

Police K-9 Training Center

Close to Missoula Montana

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at Long Beach Police Department

Der Wächter Police K-9 training center is located on the Fort Owen Ranch in Stevensville, Mt. It is about 30 miles due south of Missoula right off of state highway 93. The training center is 600+ acres of agricultural property bordered on the West by the Bitterroot River, the North by Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, and the East and South by Stevensville, Mt. The training center is designed to house up to 20 dogs.

This monument/ranch was the site of many “firsts” in Montana history. It was home to Montana’s first Catholic Church founded by Father DeSmet in 1841 and the state’s first permanent white settlement. Also located here were the first sawmill, first grist mill, first agricultural development, first water right, the first school for settlers and now featuring the first police K-9 training center of its kind in the Montana territorial region.

*If navigating by GPS, the ranch is located at 100 Stevi Cutoff Rd, Stevensville, MT.

Training: Points of Instruction (POI’s) include but are not limited to:



– Narcotic
– Explosives
– Other Targets of Interest (OTI)



Building Search

Aggression control/Criminal apprehension

Area Search


Firearms/K9 Tactical integrations

Mission statement:

We live in an increasingly complicated and complex environmental condition in which law enforcement operations are a critical function that requires a multifaceted and comprehensive response. Our goal is to provide clients with a strong, balanced and reliable product that will serve and protect communities from threats, both foreign and domestic.

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